Patrons of Golf & Social will have a choice of over 85 Top Golf Courses from E6Golf when playing a round of golf. Courses such as Pebble Beach and St. Andrews are depicted in a virtual environment that displays realistic shots, as well as specific data related to the dynamics of the golf swing.  Our 3D physics-based engine illustrates the splendor, beauty, and nuances of many world-class golf courses. You have complete control over your game. Set the weather conditions, the speed of the greens, the pin position and more. Play a scramble on the front nine, back nine, or all 18. Drive, chip and putt your way through world championship golf courses.

With the use of Flightscope’s sophisticated 3D doppler radar launch monitors, our simulators offer the most accurate golf experience on the market. They truly represent the action of a golf ball with a life-like environment, just as it would outdoors. In addition, our simulators track all related stats such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, number of putts, longest drive, and average driving distance.

Behind each simulator is our putting green that can be used as an alternative to simulator putting during a round or instruction. Players can hit putts as long as 60 feet on our undulating green, making a more realistic golfing experience.

Individuals can play 18 holes in about one hour, while a foursome may need up to four hours. With so many top golf courses available, even the avid golfer will always find something new.