Club Fitting

Radar-darkGolf & Social is committed to putting the right club in our customer’s hands. We understand that all golfers bring a unique set of qualities to the sport, and our fitting process outlines the importance and ease of determining the best fit equipment for any golfer. Because of this, Golf & Social offers a special fitting process for most every new club purchase.

Did you buy your set of clubs off the rack? Are you using a set acquired from a friend or family member? Or, are you simply in the market for a new set of clubs?

It is widely acknowledged that the game of golf is difficult for a vast majority of players. Learning how to swing your clubs is at the heart of reaching your potential. However, swinging clubs that are perfectly fit to optimize ball flight is not so allusive. In fact, it’s not relative to any ability. Properly fit clubs are an aspect of the game that is attainable by everyone. Similar to selecting a ball at the bowling alley where you are finding a properly fit ball, a bowler will choose between weight, hole sizes and the span between the holes. They may even choose a ball based on color.

Club fitters at Golf & Social understand that all golfers are different. And the tools required to play to your potential are somewhat more extensive than choosing a bowling ball. Or is it? Using the Trackman launch monitors, Golf & Social can provide you with comprehensive data collected in real-time. Advancements in capturing dynamic swing and ball data, combined with new club head designs, numerous shaft options, and composite golf balls, club fitting is now very specific in its analysis in determining the best combination of club head, shaft, grip, weight, sound, ball, and overall look and feel of the clubs. Whether just starting the game or an avid competitor, a properly fit set of clubs is paramount in advancing all levels of golfers.

In addition to special order clubs, we offer balls, gloves, grips, and a full service club repair program.

Full Bag – $250
Driver – $100
Irons – $150
Putter Fitting – $100
Complete Long Game – $175
Wedges – $90
Fairway/Hybrid – $100*100% of fitting fees are deducted from the price of new product purchases.