TPI – Titleist Performance Institute

Golf & Social is now offering TPI!

Golf is a unique game that can be played and enjoyed for a lifetime. However, poor posture coupled with faulty biomechanics can lead to muscle imbalances and abnormal stress on the joints over time, resulting in injury.

As Titleist Performance Institute certified golf fitness instructors, we utilize a comprehensive golf specific examination to assess functional movement related to the swing. Upon determining factors that could lead to injury, we are able to provide corrective measures that will maximize performance and minimize risk of injury. As doctors of physical therapy, we value the importance of a healthy body, and are able to provide our unique expertise to prevent and treat injuries; as avid golfers ourselves, we understand what playing golf means to other golf enthusiasts.

TPI assessment
Includes a comprehensive functional movement assessment, explanation of results, and treatment (exercise prescription and any necessary manual therapy techniques).
Approx. 60 minutes. $150 BOOK ONLINE NOW!

TPI Individual Treatment Package
Includes 4, 60-minute sessions that are designed to correct faulty movement patterns for improved golf performance while minimizing risk of injury. Recommended time frame is once per week for 4 weeks. $500 BOOK ONLINE NOW!

TPI Group Exercise Package
Includes 4, 60-minute classes focusing on flexibility, mobility, strengthening, and stability exercises specific to golf performance improvement, reducing the risk of a repetitive stress injury due to improper club swinging. Recommended time frame is once per week for 4 weeks.
$250 per person for a group of 2
$125 per person for a group of 4.

Ask us about how investing in a TPI assessment can benefit your body and your game, providing a lifetime of memories to come.

Michael Maggio, PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Eric Goldberg, PT, DPT, CSCS, Doctor of Physical Therapy

* Please bring a mat, water bottle, towel, and wear comfortable clothes